Durac 11 in 1 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera Accessories Bundles

Instax mini 8 valuable Accessories Bundles Package included : 1 x 8 Pu case with adjustable & Removable shoulder strap Quality Pu Leather Case, prevents the 8 camera from scratches and makes it convenient to take it on adventures. 1 x 8 Decor Sticker (1 piece) on your camera, provides good-looking appearance for 8 camera. 1 x 8 close-up lens (self-portrait mirror) With the mirror, it is more for to photos for yourself.1 x Colorful filter, 4 colors (blue, green, orange and red) The can charming before upload to Instagram or Facebook. 1 x Album (64 pockets) It is a way to preserve 2 x Wall Hanging Frame (16 pieces ) 10 rectangle ,10 clips and 1 string. 6 cute baby ,6 and 1 Display best instant in room and it vivid. 1 x Film (5 pieces) 5 different colors, made of plastic material;you put the on desk with favorite photos. 1 x borders (20 for and a appearance. 2 x Corner stickers (204 chips on the 2 use this to on wall, big album, and other place. 51 1 x Neck This 19 inches to 36 long, and length it easy to 1 x Card mark pen write on pictures, postcards or letters to funny and memorable.


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