Sony CLM FHD5 camera accessories

Sony CLM FHD5 camera accessories

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More spectacular views in Full HD glorybrbrbrFull HD-compatible compact: Designed to be a perfect accessory especially for compact cameras, the CLM-FHD5 is extra-capable at displaying glorious high-resolution Full HD images on a larger screen, in place of a viewfinder for cameras with a high pixel count, so you can use it to ensure precise focus by examining fine details..brbrEnlarge an image for a closer look: Press the center of the monitor's ZOOM/SELECT button to toggle through a magnification ratio cycle from 1x, to 3x, to 6x. With 3x or 6x magnification, you can move the enlarged area to a desired position for precise focus checking by manipulating the ZOOM/SELECT button Up/Down/Left/Right..brbrPeaking function enables instant focus check: The monitor's peaking function displays an image in monochrome except for the areas that are in relatively sharp focu

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