Nebula 4200 5axis Gimbal Dslr Camera Mount Stabilizer Gyroscope Stabilizer for 5drs 5d3

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Overviewthe company Filmpower is first to market with a stabilization system compact with a practical handle. The new Nebula 4200 5-axis is an evolution of the previous models. The stabilizer is a handheld with for Dslr and mirrorless cameras, fulfilling uesrs needs from different to lens. It supports up to 2.5kg. You can hold it with one or two hands. And exchange are easy and available during shooting. 32-bit mutual sensor control plate provides the with fast calculating speed and accurate as well as quick react. It has five modes that allow users to at will. and find the that suits his device most to make a perfect experience. The rig a gimbal gryo with vertical/horizontal/pitch/roll/yaw. It be used with both single and double configurations. It for Canon 5dsr/5d3/7d2/70d/100d/750d and as Bmpcc, A7s Sony, Panasonic and other Gh4 similar in size up to a maximum load of 1.6kg. The comes with a wireless joystick controller, tool-less balance set-up and bluetooth supportfeature5-axis gimbalvertical/horizontal/pitch/roll/yaw/ working32 boardboth or replacement systemsupport for / / / / / but also with mirroless as A7s, for and in up to a of 1.6kgcan kgwireless joysticktool-less Adjustment Systembluetooth Interface for Setuppackage Included1 x stabilizer1 x handle1 x Battery1 x Charger2 x mounting plates1 x Protective Case

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