Top 10 Best DSLR Camera in 2017 | Best DSLR Camera in 2017

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera in 2017

1. Canon EOS 5DS R ($3,699)

Category: Full frame
Megapixels: 50.6
Sensor size: 864 sq. mm
What we like: The highest resolution DSLR on the market in 2017.
What we don’t: Lack of video features compared to the 5D Mark IV.

At the top of the DSLR heap is the Canon 5DS R, a pricey yet extremely impressive camera for the most discerning of photographers (this camera has most serious landscape photographers salivating). Most notably, you get a massive 50.6 megapixels of resolution, which surpasses the high-end Canon 5D Mark IV by 20.2 megapixels and tops the Nikon D810 by 14.5 megapixels. For those who prioritize image quality above all else, this is far and away the premier DSLR on the market.
Video shooters should keep in mind that the 5DS R bucks the hybrid trend and is designed primarily for still photography without video-centric features like headphone sockets or an HDMI output. And Canon released two versions of this camera: the 5DS R and the 5DS. The latter has an optical low pass filter and is about $200 cheaper, but at this level we think it’s worth paying up.

2. Nikon D810 ($2,797)

Category: Full frame
Megapixels: 36.3
Sensor size: 861 sq. mm
What we like: Nikon’s best pro DSLR.
What we don’t: Lower resolution than the 5DS R above.

The D810 is Nikon’s leading DSLR and the whole package in terms of image quality, video quality, and features. You get a powerful 36.3-megapixel full-frame image sensor, a speedy processor, and superb low light performance for professional-level photos even in the toughest of conditions. For an extended period we had the D810 as the top DSLR on the market—it offers nearly 6 more megapixels than the Canon 5D Mark V below—but the release of 5DS R has bumped it down a notch. It will be interesting to see if Nikon releases an updated version this year—the D810 is two years old and counting and a lot has changed since. But taking the megapixel arms race out of the equation, the D810 is a fantastic full-frame DSLR that you’ll often see in the hands of top professionals, and for good reason.

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