Canon 60D Camera Test!/micro2019studio

Shot with same camera Canon 60D
Hotel Scene Uncensored.
The following video contains content that may be inappropriate for some viewers.

The following video features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals.
Do not attempt to recreate any stunt or activity performed on this video.
All characters and events in this video are entirely fictional.

This video was not made to offend anyone in any way. It was made purely for jokes, so don't take it seriously!

This video was not made to offend anyone in any way. It was made purely as a comedy video, to demonstrate the camera and stunt performance!
If you're not sure whether or not this video can offend you, please don´t watch it!

Hasta el final del camino

Operation Paperclip New Trailer HD

Codigo 13 Trailer HD

Destino: Cuenca. La aventura del Santo Grial Trailer HD

Operatin Paperclip Scenes

Canon 60D Pepsi Extended

Codigo 13 hell


End OP.avi

Refresh Yourself by Bogdan Toma

I'm Famous by Bogdan Toma

Make A Dent In Your World by Bogdan Toma

Inspire A Generation by Bogdan Toma

Route 66 by Bogdan Toma

Paula Garber -"Erika" (HD)

Infinita Madrid Madonna – Miles Away(remix)

Director & Editor: Bogdan Toma
VFX: Cristian Toma
Sound: Cirian Munteanu

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