DIY macro extension tube for DSLR camera with a pringles can

Let me know if it works, and also feel free to ask if you wonder how to do something with your cameras or computers!

This is a very easy way of making your own macro extension tube for DSLR cameras. The process is very simple: first you cut the bottom of the pringles can, then you attach the lens to one end (with the lens hood backwards, so it will fasten by itself) and the other end towards the camera.
It is sometimes difficult to get the tube centered at the first try, but after a couple of minutes it becomes just easy!
Different focal lengths will give different magnifications: in this video, I used 55mm focal length because it was the easiest to focus. Getting the distance right is a challenge and depends on each lens.
Cut the bottom of the can as needed to fit your focusing length, it takes some trial and error to figure out the proper distance.
Music: Auld Lang Syne from Youtube library

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