Formatting a Compact Flash (CF) Card to Use in DSLR Camera – Video Production Tips by Web Video Crew

Formatting a Compact Flash (CF) Card to Use in DSLR Camera – Tips for Professional Video Production by Web Video Crew

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This episode covers – a tutorial showing how to format a compact flash (CF) card so that your DSLR camera's firmware could recognize and use it.

4 Easy Steps to Format a DSLR CF Card

Now that you know how beneficial formatting is, it's time to actually format your DSLR compact flash card for your next photo shoot or video project. Here are the steps you need to take:
1.Turn on your camera.
2.Go to Menu.
3.Scroll over the tabs until you find Format.
4.Click on Format.
5.Click OK.

As you see, formatting CF cards is certainly a piece of cake, but when doing so, you ought to remember the following or you'll cry from unavoidable regret:
•Make sure you have saved all your files elsewhere—you don't want to format your CF card and then scramble and scream for your life once you find out that the images and videos vital to your projects are nowhere to be found. To be sure, it's best to save your data in at least two places: on your computer and on cloud storage. You can also temporarily save files on your email while the project is not yet complete.
•Remember to format your card every time you use it for a new project—this is one of the most effective ways to assure that your card will be functioning optimally. Don't worry about your card wearing as commercial DSLR CF cards guarantee at least 100,000 program/erase cycles. Yes, there are five "zeros" after "one."

To learn more about formatting a compact flash card for use in a DSLR camera, read our blog post

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