How to Measure Lux with a DSLR Camera – Grow Lights

This is a very quick video to show you how to Measure Lux using a digital SLR (DSLR) camera.

1. Set your cameras aperture to f8.0, and your ISO to 100.
2. Zoom your camera on a white piece of A4 paper
3. Half Depress the shutter to see the recommended shutter speed (in 100th's of a second)
4. Multiply the 100th's per second (ie. 1/200th, multiple the 200) by 4 to get the Foot Candles, or by 43 to measure the Lux.

Most people seem to measure lumens, but I think thats a silly measurement for a grow room or a grow light because the light intensity on the plants (the lux/footcandles) is what will make the plants grow. If you measure lumens you are measuring light which is both used and wasted, whereas if you measure Lux, this is the real light measurement of what the plants receive.

The 96w LED grow light in the video is a DIY LED grow light – you can see the tutorial on how to build it here

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