Neewer Nw565ex Ittl Slave Flash Speedlite Kit for Nikon Dslr Camera,include

Neewer Professional On/off-camera I-ttl Auto-focus Flash Compatible with all Nikon models Quantity: 2 56m/184ft Guide Number for a powerful flash. Wireless slave unit function: Compatibility with the system, realize from machine,manual and frequency Super fast 2.9 second recycling time Up and down whirl angel:7-90 degree;left and right angel:0-180 Mode: Ttl,m,feb,slave,s1,s2,multi Features a memory and saving control by Camera(only for the newest Version) Circuit design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Trigger with Remote Shutter It provides the convenience of a release, ideal for photographing wildlife, and also for macro and close-up photos. Operating Distance:up to 30meters 16 Channels Selectable Sync speed up to 1/250s Channel:16 channels. Transmitter power:1x 23a battery. Receiver power:2x Aaa Cable-m + B Connecting Cords for for controls with 2.5mm socket. Plugs:2.5mm phone jack (3-pole),camera specific B jack,10 Pin Diffusers 4 Soft Diffuser:spreads and softens the light emitted your unit,bouncing ceilings and walls, instead of coming a single concentrated source. Hard Diffuser:reduces and harsh shadows behind subject and eliminates eye effect which makes the looks more balanced and natural. Lens Cap Holder 2 Small button sticks to the front of cap;fits snuggly around the circumference of lens.

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