Vitopal D500 Dslr Camera Cage + Follow Focus + Mattebox Film Movie Making Kit

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Note:the item will be sent by Dhl Express, and delivery time :5-7days. Description:gh4 cage kit for professional photographers with the use of a combination of market mainstream models, to improve the efficiency of video shooting, guaranteed scalability and is compatible with A7s A7 A7r A7rii A7sii other models. Comfortable ergonomic handle, it support one-handed continued steady picture. When it match with telephoto lens as a handheld device, you can adjust the rod to the body. Three-point fixed, so that stable easier. The radio microphone and an external monitor, further the photography applications. Product Features: 1. Handle: Different shoe and screw interface with expansion, with anti-slip design. 2. Shoe: Language inverse box with a interface, easily lighting and audio equipment. 3. A conductor holder 4. Base: Pipe be adjusted up and down Includes: Matte *1 Follow focus*1 *1

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