Photography Classes Near Me:Photography Classes & Courses | Photography Lessons Near Me

Photography Classes Near Me:Photography Classes & Courses | Photography Lessons Near Me

Familiarize yourself with your camera and Photography Classes Near Me

How well do you know your camera? Getting to the hassles with the basics of photography is one thing, but actually understanding how your camera works and what it is capable of is another matter. That's where the EOS Training Academy comes in – our team of teachers know the EOS system from the inside out and guarantee that a day spent with them will unlock the full potential of your camera and give you the skills to enhance your photography.

Whatever your level and experience, we have courses that suit you. If it's your first EOS camera, we'll start by explaining the basics and getting you out of Full Auto mode. If you are comfortable with your camera and want to fine-tune your skills, then you will find some of the most challenging and creative courses on your street.

Our extensive program of courses has been developed over the last ten years and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of photographers and changes in the development of DSLR cameras.

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We offer a range of different styles of training, from learning in a practical setting to a small group of four to eight photographers through practical classroom events with a maximum of only 12 delegates. We also offer our EOS Online Training Academy, which has over 320 tutorials on all aspects of using EOS cameras and some of the most common imaging software.

We have an unparalleled experience in helping you gain the knowledge you need to take stunning pictures with your Canon EOS camera. View our photographer / conference profiles for more information about us.

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