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Lesson 4 – Selection and adjustment layers in practice

Let's say we want to select the sky on this image. One way to do so is to use magical wand tool. With one click we can select a big chunk with similar color range. Since it didn't select the whole sky, now we need to other areas to our selection. To do so we are going to Shift key, now you can see the + sign appeared, and select other areas of the sky. Quick selection tool also could've been very handy in this situation. When we are done with the selection now we can do couple things

we can do right click and create another layer and as you can see only it has only the sky in it.
we can do right click can save selection, where you can have to options: save as a channel and as a layer mask
You can also make it a work path, which will give you ability to adjust your selection with pen tool
Selections are very important not just for creating complex compositions with multiple frames, but also for isolating area and and applying cirtain local adjustments. We are going to cover selections in more detail in our future lessons

Let's see what adjustment layers does. After selecting the sky let's go ahead and click Curves on our Adjustment Panel . A you can see New layer will appear on top and the Property panel will pop up. As you can see it is a histogram, and the diagonal line will be our tool for doing adjustments. There are many-many functions each property of each adjustment layer has, but again let's keep our lesson more practical. At this point all we need to know that by moving the diagonal line on the histogram of curve adjustment layer we can adjust the view of our selected sky. And why only sky is effected by our adjustment, it's because the mask is applied and the black area are transparent and show information from below layer

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