30w Mini Portable Photo Studio Photography Light Box Kits Background Equipment

Description Don't need lighting, beginners can take a good picture; Effect of high brightness, three times better than before; stroboscopic, cell phones also shoot a photo; up the space is little, more convenient; Safety voltage, safer; Maintenance without money. 90 power Led lamp bead evenly distributed in the box. There is thousands of particles on the reflective fabric, they diffuse everywhere of the box, Because the intensity is strong and uniform distribution in the no dark corners during the filming of a product, realize the free lighting. Feature: 1. Standard color temperature: 5500k make standard. 2. Easy shooting: Press switch comes steady soft built-in illuminant , dont to adjust portable with highly effect. 3. Easy to maintain: Delicate plates and white background paper. Wipe dust with wet cloth or ethyl alcohol. 4.durable: material for years, worry about any scratch, deformation or fade,8000 hours life. 5.amazing effect: density shade, easy to match with and camera(adjust with proper exposure). Perfect for items like Jewelry,toys,electronics,cosmetics and so on.(items no 65% space) Parameter Name:40cm new generation of studio Power:30w Output Voltage:10v Input Voltage:85-220v Brightness: 3750lux 5500k(+/-200k) Life: 8000h Size: 400 * * 400mm area: 300 * * 300mm (not over) Package Includes: 1 X 1 X Packaging Bags 1 X Supply 2 X Screw 3 X 8 X Plastic Joint 12 X Support Bar


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