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Hi Lucy Cruz Here

A year ago I was making money online with just taking photos and I love it. I quit my 2 jobs and I'm living fine. I love photgraphy and I wanted to learn more so I looked up the schools and online. But the problem was I just don't want to go to a school and live my baby girl again.

So I started to look online for photography school online, and I found planty of school and they where to expensive so I look and look until I found this amaizing program where you can learn online for a reasonable price. Photography Success is amazing.

I have learned a lot from her. Know I'm starting my own business in photography. My life is getting better thanks for this Photography Success.

So I decided to creat this quick video just to let people know that if you want to learn photography I recommend Amy Renfrey program she is a wonderful professional photographer. Go to the link below to know more:

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