Photography exhibition showcases different aspects of Nepal – Vidibyte News

A photography exhibition titled "PIX- The Nepal Issue" is organised in New Delhi by Goethe-Institute and PIX, a photography quarterly, which depicts the different political and cultural aspects of Nepal. The exhibition and issue of the photography quarterly is a foray into emerging photo narratives in Nepal, historical and contemporary, and the ways in which they mobilize viewership. Reputed photographers like Nayan Tara, Tanvi Mishra and Akshay Mahajan displayed their work. Photos of raging issues like Madhesi protests, political rallies, the army at work during last year's massive earthquake, and the condition of Nepal before and after the quake were put on display. The exhibition also displayed pictures clicked by people and shared with the organisers on social networking sites. Visitors experienced an outlook into the current socio-political situation in Nepal.
The exhibition will conclude on 7th May 2016.

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