Las Vegas Dental Photography School Releases 2015 Calendar

Cornerstone Esthetics, a leading dental photography training school in Las Vegas, has announced their course calendar for 2015.


Cornerstone Esthetics, a dental photography school in Las Vegas, offers informative and hands-on continuing education courses to dentist professionals, dental practice managers, and workplace administrators who are looking for the information they need to run successful dental practices. In December, the co-founders and professionals behind Cornerstone Esthetics made the announcement that their 2015 calendar with course information for the next year is currently available.

Dr. Byron Blasco, one of the multiple founders behind Cornerstone Esthetics, stated, “It’s so exciting that we can introduce our 2015 offerings to the public and garner interest for the upcoming year. We know that 2015 will be a successful year for our institute and for the dental professionals looking to enrich their education and specialties.”

Dental photography training school, Cornerstone Esthetics offers dental specialty courses and workshops in a number of focuses including dental photography, occlusion, and periodontics, among others, and lectures featuring guest speakers and dental experts. Their courses are hands-on and are meant to prepare dentists and professionals with confidence in their day-to-day jobs. Currently, there are seven different course offerings for all participants and a promotion for periodontal courses: 15% off when all three periodontal courses are registered for.

“At Cornerstone Esthetics, we believe that a continuing education is of the utmost importance for all dentists and dental professionals,” said Dr. Byron Blasco. “One can never stop learning the new technologies and advances in the dentistry field because they are constantly changing. Every day produces new growth, whether it be in periodontics or dental photography, and our institute is hoping to educate our participants in all aspects of their careers.”

Cornerstone Esthetics was founded in 2013 to provide continuing education for dentists. The symposiums focus on improving not only dental techniques, but also how to better manage and market each individual practice. All courses provided at this Las Vegas dental photography school offer PACE Approval, given by the Academy of General Dentistry. This approval means that any course that is taken at Cornerstone Esthetics will be acknowledged for credit within the USA and Canada, opening up registration for applicants from around North America and the world.

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