Easy Photography Portfolio – How to setup a photography portfolio with a free WordPress plugin

Building a photography portfolio with WordPress should be easy.
That’s why we’ve made a free plugin for WordPress – Easy Photography Portfolio.

In this video tutorial I’m going to show you the basics of how to use the plugin.

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Welcome
00:14 Install “Easy Photography Portfolio” WordPress Plugin
00:46 – Make sure the pages and settings are correctly configured
01:04 – Make sure that the Portfolio page is selected in the portfolio settings
01:40 – Edit the predefined “First portfolio entry”
02:44 – Create your own portfolio entry
03:52 – An overview of portfolio structure and categories
04:01 – Use quick edit to quickly assign a portfolio category
04:41 – Categorize the portfolio using a dropdown WordPress Menu
06:04 – Set the portfolio as your homepage

Useful Links:

WordPress Hosting: http://go.colormelon.com/siteground
Download the Easy Photography Portfolio Plugin: http://easyphotographyportfolio.com
Plugin Demo: http://default.portfolio.bycolormelon.com
Plugin Setup Guide: https://colormelon.com/easy-photography-portfolio-full-setup-guide
WordPress Themes for Photographers built with Easy Photography Portfolio: http://go.colormelon.com/themes

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