Cowboystudio Photography Photo Studio Video 600 Watt Quick Softbox Lighting Kit with 6

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Complete photo studio easy set up, includes continuous soft box lighting set, 3 muslin backdrops, and the portable support system. The Cowboy kit is a great addition to any studio. This is one of the best kits in the market, higher power source of lighting. The can be up in seconds by pushing the center ring over the fixture, no more hassle, no rods to bend or lose. boxes are enclosures around a bulb and create even and diffused by bouncing off of a surface to the light. The diffuses lighting, giving you perfect will get almost shadow less that will wrap your subject. These high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for digital photography. They also have very low heat so they don't like the common choices. The background and backgrounds is a to This is useful both in the and on location due to travel size and ease of setup. Making adjustments to the height and width is simple. The black finish is durable and professional.

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