Foldio 2 Portable Mini Studio / Lightbox

The Foldio 2 light box can help you take professional looking photographs with your smartphone or DSLR. It's designed as a simple foldable magnetic "mini-studio" that you can set up in seconds. When folded, the carry handle makes Foldio conveniently portable.

The LED light strips include built-in dimmer switches which let you control brightness to achieve exactly the look you want. At 15”, the Foldio 2 is bigger and brighter than the original Foldio.

Download the simple Foldio App for iOS in the Apple app store. It provides:

– A chroma key function to create great green screen images
– Adjustment for brightness
– A simple way to change the color temperature
The app is available for iOS now.

Buy the Foldio 2 here:

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