Wedding Photography in Long Bien prairie flowers…good

Wedding photography studio Flower Steppe Long Bien:

Wedding photography studio Steppe Long Bien flowers – studio unique, novelty.
Long Bien prairie flowers open mid-May 10/2015 has attracted young people and couples to take wedding photos. Why Steppe flowers such hot? Because this is designed studios, built in the style completely new to the studio before. With an area of ​​over 6 hectares, prairie flowers studio has both indoor and outdoor scenes. The studio was born before as Lavender, Smiley Ville, Box Arts, … built in the European style, Korea … As Prairie flowers, the style was built completely new, unique with approximately 30 angle Korean style combined with images of sheep, horses, goats lands south of Vietnam.

Wedding photography studio Steppe Long Bien flowers – flower color filled your wedding album adorned.
Coming to Steppe flowers, you will be immersed in the land of beautiful flowers like the heath violet, white Thach draft, Flowers optimistic, Cuc Sinnha, Hong discoloration, Hong female prime … View from above , Steppe flowers as a colorful tapestry giant. After some time, many have begun to wreak flower beds, all studios have bred more new flowers. When the old flower beds disabled, new flowers will bloom to ensure fresh flower gardens for young couples and wedding photography has always been shaped inside the garden flowers. In future, expected here will be planted peach and white plum to build the image of Moc Chau shrink the heart of Hanoi.

Wedding photography studio Steppe Long Bien flowers – the appearance of the sheep, horses, goats help set your wedding more unique pieces.
Most unique point of Steppe flower is the appearance of the sheep, goats, horses at the heart of Hanoi. The difference, this novel is sure to give the couple the wedding shoot beautiful, exclusive, very strange but also very romantic next to the sheep, horses, adorable, funny. Before you see only images of sheep in the movies or in images recorded in the southern regions of the country such as Ninh Thuan and Nha Trang. Now, what is not difficult for those cute sheep that appear in your wedding photo album.

Wedding photography studio Steppe Long Bien flowers – the perfect combination between flowers and Gardens label Steppe at Dominic Tan Studio.
Prairie flowers lying on Thach Beach Bridge, Long Bien District, Hanoi, facing Labels Gia Lam Park. From Long Bien Dyke goes towards Vinh Tuy Bridge about 1.5 km, then turn right into Thach Street Bridge about 1 km, you will see flowers studio Steppe.

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