How to Find Wedding Photography Clients in Your First Year

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Today I'm sharing the ways I found my first wedding photography clients in my first year of business.

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Before I give you the tips, I just wanna get really real with you and share a little bit about my experience starting out. Allow me to take you back to a time when I didn’t know the camera modes. Before I took a side on RAW vs. JPEG. Before I owned more than 1 lens. Dare I even admit it was a kit lens?! If you think that’s bad, just wait for this one– I’m a little horrified to admit that I borrowed my photography professor’s 50mm lens for my first ever engagement session. But that perfectly illustrates where I was at the time. I had no idea what I was doing or how much I didn’t know. It’s absolutely amazing (and a little cringe-worthy) to look back from where I am today.
So there I was with my borrowed gear just trying to make it. I didn’t know who my ideal client was, how they would find me, or what an “ideal client” even meant. But I did know I was passionate about photography, hungry for knowledge, and determined to make it in a highly competitive industry. I didn’t have any past clients to vouch for my work (unless you count my mom), or really much work to speak of; I was where so many beginners start…at the bottom.
I didn’t let any of those things stop me. By leveraging the resources around me, I began booking brides. Real brides! And let me tell you – most of these things didn’t cost me anything.

Tips Covered in This Video:
1. Put it out there
2. Utilize social media
3. Styled shoots
4. Second Shoot
5. Collect and share reviews
6. Establish a CLEAR brand

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