Semiotics on Photography – Ivan Cerullo photographs

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Semiotics on Photography – The composition in the photographs of Ivan Cerullo ( Italy b.1979 ) . Staged photography – Conceptual photography .

The video was shot at the " Public photographic archive of Milan " and " Photo laboratory of Milan Politecnico University ".
" Civico Archivio Fotografico di Milano " and " LabFoto Lab Immagine Design Polimi " , Politecnico di Milano .

Special thanks to Dr. Silvia Paoli and Prof. Matteo Bergamini .

Semiotics definitions :

_ Is the science that considers the nature of the signs that the mind uses to figure things out or forward our knowledge. ( John Locke )

_ Science that studies the life of signs within the framework of social life . ( Ferdinand de Saussure )

_ Science of the essential nature and fundamental varieties of every possible semiosis,relation to three . ( Charles Sanders Peirce )

_ Discipline that deals with anything that can be used to lie. ( Umberto Eco )

_ The science that encompasses the knowledge of all signs.

_ Roland Barthes argues that signs are not only words but also visual and auditory cues such as gestures, objects, or sounds that can be interpreted within their respective systems of signification ( that is, systematic ways of producing meaning through an interaction with other signs by way of particular, culturally specific patterns ). Semiotics, then, is the study of these signs as they function in language and society.

_Roland Barthes Codes Theory :

The Hermeneutic Code ( HER )
The Enigma/Proairetic Code ( ACT )
The Symbolic Code ( SYM )
The Cultural Code ( REF )
The Semantic Code ( SEM )

The Hermeneutic Code ( HER ) ( the voice of the truth) Is the way the story avoids telling the truth or revealing all the facts, in order to drop clues in through out to help create mystery.
The Enigma/ Proairetic Code ( ACT ) ( empirical voice) The way the tension is built up and the audience is left guessing what happens next.
The Semantic Code ( SEM ) ( the voice of the person) The semantic code points to any element in a text that suggests a particular, often additional meaning by way of connotation which the story suggests. Connotation= cultural/underlining meaning, what it symbolises.
The Symbolic Code (SYM) ( the voice of symbols) This is very similar to the Semantic Code, but acts at a wider level, organizing semantic meanings into broader and deeper sets of meaning. This is typically done in the use of antithesis, where new meaning arises out of opposing and conflict ideas.
The Cultural Code (REF) ( the voice of science) Looks at the audiences wider cultural knowledge, morality and ideology.

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